Reconnecting with yourself – Touchpoints.

An easy, powerful way to let the thoughts or feelings of whatever just happened fall away and bring you clarity about right now.

Wherever you are – sitting, walking, waiting…take 2 or 3 slow deep breaths.

Now notice those places where your body touches a surface – your feet on the floor, your arms on your desk, your bottom on the chair, your hands holding an object or clasped together…. Just notice. What does each point feel like – hard or soft, warm or cold, shiny or rough?

If you get distracted, not a problem. Nothing wrong. Just start again.

This brings your attention to the moment and where you are in space, on the planet. Most will find their breathing has calmed. The mind is focused on something that offers no threat, no hurry. See if you can bring that focused calm attention into your next activity.

Even when done briefly, it enables us to escape those thoughts and feelings to be aware of the surrounding and the present.