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How physicians reduce stress and burnout to feel better

This ebook reveals what works for physicians to reduce emotional exhaustion and symptoms of burnout and feel better. The ebook:

  • Summarizes more than 100 recent PUBMED research articles on physicians dealing with burnout. You’ll learn what helped other US doctors – ideas both big in scope and small in practice.
  • Offers more than 12 specific actions that reduce physicians’ stress and burnout and renew energy
  • Reveals the value of declaring what you care about most. This gives you your GPS to better manage your day and improve your quality of life
  • Explains the power of small actions and decisions to lead you to less stress and more ease

“[T]he content is very very good and it will help people who are looking for [ways to deal with burnout symptoms]. Four stars!”

Anesthesiologist in urban hospital with young baby

“This resource is wonderful and so needed. I imagine this being a reference that we could give to new hires.”

Primary care pediatrician in urban safety net hospital with two young children