Are you or someone you know…

  • A new manager or team leader unsure how to manage people?
  • Worried because none of your training or experience helps you in the sticky situations of managing people?
  • Uncomfortable delivering bad news to people who aren’t performing well?
  • Outside your comfort zone managing staff older than you?

Most new managers struggle in managing people.

It’s really complicated. Nothing that you learned to become a high-calibre professional helps you succeed in managing your staff. Many new managers feel unsure, overwhelmed, lonely, stressed.

This does not have to be you!

Go from

An individual contributor
Feeling alone or isolated
Feeling overwhelmed by the complicated, uncharted territory
Feeling unsure, maybe intimidated, supervising older staff
Avoiding talking with poor performers or difficult people
Feeling worried or stressed


Connect with others who can help you manage an engaged, motivated staff
Connect with others who can help you manage an engaged, motivated staff
Feel competent and at ease managing your staff
Feel calm and competent gaining the best from more experienced staff
Approach challenging situations fairly and directly to get great results (and avoid worse problems later!)
Feel calm, energetic and full of potential in your organization and your career

Are you ready to manage brilliantly?

As a manager, you must get the work done through your staff. You cannot succeed alone.

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Did you know that your success depends on an engaged staff?

Most managers ignore this. Between 2/3 and 3/4 of the US workforce is struggling to cope with their work situations. Employees feel their organizations do not support them. So they have no commitment to the work or employer. (Towers Watson, 2012; Gallup Consulting, 2012)

  • They bring little energy or commitment to work.
  • They feel detached or completely disengaged.
  • For most of them their top reasons are work-related stress and feeling unsupported by their supervisors.

If the material – or a portion of it [from Nance’s workshop] were applied to your teams, your team performance would be enhanced. If most of the materials were applied, the team would be among the best functioning virtual teams around.

John Reddick, Director
Massachusetts electronics corporation